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Cheers Britannia

Discovery Case: 12 Classic Bitters

Discovery Case: 12 Classic Bitters

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Discover a range of classic bitters and enjoy the convenience of having 12 handpicked beers delivered to your door in a one-off purchase.

If you're a fan of traditional bitters, this is the perfect case of beer for you.

Within this collection, you'll discover an collection of 12 different bitters carefully selected from our best-selling range, a selection that evolves regularly to ensure you are always discovering something new. While it's possible to encounter familiar favourites in your case, rest assured we put the hours in to ensure our curated cases help you find a new brewery you haven't discovered yet.

All beers in the traditional bitters collection are presented in 12 x 500ml bottles, ensuring you have an ample supply of your preferred brews. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning your exploration of bitters, these handpicked selections are a testament to our commitment to quality. Each bottle in this case exemplifies the craftsmanship and tradition of the bitters style, creating a true taste of the classics. It's a delightful treat that's just a click away from your doorstep. Cheers to the world of fine British bitters!

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