Collection: English Wines

Chin Chin Britannia!

Cheers Britannia was launched in 2023 with the sole purpose of shining a light on the best independent drinks producers in the country.

We started with championing independent British brewers, giving our drinkers an expertly curated case of beers with a great variety of styles, flavours and stories.

This has proven so popular that we have moved into the English wine scene and will be repeating the same service.

English wine production saw a steady growth from the 1970s to the end of the last century, but in recent years it has surged in popularity.

There are nearly 1000 different vineyards with the majority being in the south east, but also spreading as far as the Midlands and Yorkshire. Between them they produce over 12 million bottles, the quality is great and demand is increasing.

We’ve teamed up with some of England’s finest producers from all over the country to give you a taste of our award winning wines.

Our partners include;

Hencote – Shropshire

Chapel Down – Kent

Halfpenny Green – Staffordshire

Lyme Bay - Devon


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