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Cheers Britannia

Pub Classics 12 Pack

Pub Classics 12 Pack

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Step into the world of authentic British ales, where the experience is akin to savouring a pint in your favourite local pub.

While our beer subscription offers the convenience of a monthly delivery, we also understand that sometimes you're in the mood for a one-off treat. Introducing our Cheers Britannia Pub Classics Case, a delightful assortment of 12 x 500ml bottles brimming with the essence of tradition and craftsmanship.

In this case, you'll find an exquisite selection curated from our best-selling range, a selection that's constantly evolving to ensure you experience a variety of flavours. While you might encounter some familiar favourites in subsequent purchases, if the essence of the beer style matters most to you, it's a delightful bonus.

What makes our real ales truly exceptional is the unwavering commitment to quality. Every bottle hails from small, independent breweries, many of them award-winners in their own right. Just like cask-conditioned ales, our real ales are bottle conditioned, leaving a touch of yeast in the bottom, where the B vitamins reside. We recommend allowing the beer to settle before pouring, but some aficionados appreciate the unique character it imparts. Elevate your beer experience with our Cheers Britannia Real Ale Case, a journey through rich, flavourful traditions and innovative craft. Cheers to an extraordinary taste of Britain!


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