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Cheers Britannia

Monthly Dark Beer Club : 12 Bottles

Monthly Dark Beer Club : 12 Bottles

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Embark on a journey into the world of rich, robust beer styles with our Dark Beer Club. Chock full of deep ruby ales, stouts and porters. It is perfect for the winter season. 

We thoughtfully curate a selection of dark craft beers from the UK's leading, independent breweries. To ensure you discover something new, we focus on brewers who are not nationally listed in any supermarkets. This is the ultimate opportunity to Indulge your taste for dark beers. 

Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a beer enthusiast with the perfect gift, our membership is incredibly adaptable. Simply select the beer style that suits your taste and change it as often as you like.

Plus, we make managing your subscription a breeze. You can easily skip, reschedule, or cancel your deliveries by logging into your account or giving us a quick call.

In each case, you'll find 12 x 500ml bottles (with the occasional 440ml can) and a fun pub quiz to elevate your beer journey.

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