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Cheers Britannia

Beer Club: 12 Bestsellers Monthly

Beer Club: 12 Bestsellers Monthly

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Discover new beers and breweries every month. Delivered direct to your door. 

We handpick a range of beers every month and introduce several new breweries so you really get a taste of the best independent breweries across the UK. 

This beer club is recommended for anyone who enjoys lots of different styles of traditional British Ales as it is a mix of pale, golden, bitter, ruby and dark. If you have a preferred style of beer, have a look at some of our other curated cases. 

Perfect as a gift or for yourself, it's a very flexible and easy membership. Simply choose the style you like and you can change this as many times as you like. 

You can also skip, reschedule or cancel boxes easily by signing into your account or giving us a call.

Each case contains 12 x 500ml bottles ( the odd 440ml can) pub quiz and tasting notes.

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