Join Cheers Britannia Beer Club and Uncover the Hidden Gems of British Brewing

Join Cheers Britannia Beer Club and Uncover the Hidden Gems of British Brewing

What is Cheers Britannia?  

Founded in the UK, the Cheers Britannia Beer Club offers you a new selection of Britain's top beers every month. 

All beers are from award-winning breweries and carefully selected so you only get the best. 

The subscription service allows you to try everything from dark winter warmers to hoppy ales and lagers. 

Expect bitter beers, golden ale, porter, stout and mild and Indian pale ales, among other flavours. 

Cheers Britannia gives all beer drinkers the variety and quality they’d expect at a beer festival from the comfort of their homes. 

Order any subscription case and receive a complimentary Cheers Britannia glass and tasting notes. 


How does it work? 

Simply sign up to receive a selection of beers from breweries across the UK in every box. 

Cases of 12 handpicked beers will be delivered to your door every month. 
There is lots of variety in every box. Each beer is different, giving you the chance to discover more than 140 new beers during a 12-month subscription. 

The boxes include tasting notes and even a fun pub quiz to do at home. 

Find an exclusive selection by only providing beers from breweries that are not stocked in the supermarkets. 

Recipients will get tailored boxes with more of the beers they like with flexibility and customer service at the forefront of the club.  

Don't like some flavours? Prefer pale ales over dark? 

Simply drop the Cheers Britannia team a note or call them up with your preferences - there is always someone on the end of the phone. 

Those who sign up can get a box delivered as often as every month, but don't worry about being trapped in lengthy contracts. 

You can choose from a one-off case, a three-month subscription or even take it month by month, giving you complete control over when you get a delivery. 
There is no need to wait for a monthly cycle either, orders arrive within one to two days of when they are placed. 

Cheers Britannia offers flexibility, quality and value - with beers costing around £3 a pint - and the chance to discover new flavours. 

Customers get delicious beers from an ever-increasing list of breweries, delivered as often or as little as they’d like.  

Join now and receive a free Cheers Britannia glass and beer mat,  on all first subscription orders.   

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